Maldivian Airlines Dhaka Office | Contact Number, Address, Ticket Booking

Maldivian Airlines Dhaka Office

Maldivian Airlines Dhaka Office

Maldivian Airlines Dhaka Office is located in Taj Casilina, 25 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka, in Bangladesh. Maldives Airlines, the aviation division of the Island Aviation Service in Male, Maldives. It is a national airline in the Maldives, currently operating in Bangladesh from Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport to Male and Chennai. Find the address of the Dhaka office of Maldives Airlines in Bangladesh.


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Bangladesh Address of Maldivian Airlines

Find below the Maldivian Airlines sales office’s customer service details, Bangladesh, including phone number and email. In addition to contact details, the page also provides an overview of the airline and its services. Reach out to the Maldives Airlines customer service below for questions, complaints, or feedback.


Maldivian Airlines Dhaka Sales Office Address

Air Galaxy Limited
Taj Casilina, 5th Floor 25 Gulshan Avenue
Dhaka, 1212, Bangladesh.

Maldivian Airlines Dhaka Reservation Office Contact Numbers
+88 02 48811272-3

Maldivian Airlines Dhaka Reservation Office Email Address
[email protected] 

Maldivian Airlines Sales Office Working Hours
Saturday to Sunday: 09:00-18:00
Friday: Closed

Maldivian Airlines Official Website


Maldivian Airlines Chittagong Sales Office Address

Ayub Trade Center
1269/B, Sheikh Mujib Road
Agrabad Commercial Area

Maldivian Airlines Chittagong Reservation Office Contact Numbers

Maldivian Airlines Chittagong Reservation Office Email Address
[email protected]


Reason Why I choose to fly with Maldivian Airlines

  • Direct flights to MAA and MLE from DAC
  • Our fare is cheaper than other airlines.
  • MAA return fares are cheaper than two one way tickets.
  • Operate A320/A321 ( wide-body aircraft)
  • On-board Meal
  • Free luggage 30 kg
  • Use boarding breeze at arrival and departure gate
  • Change fee-only USD 30
  • The flight is always on time
  • Good departure and arrival time
  • The flight time for MAA is only 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Flying time of just 5 hours 40 minutes for MLE
  • There is no hassle of waiting for aircraft change and transit points.


Queries Handled by Maldivian Airlines Dhaka Sales Office Customer Care

Maldivian Airlines Ticket Booking, Flight Ticket Rescheduling, Ticket Cancellation, Online Check-in, Baggage Allowance, Flight Information, In-Flight Meals, Missing Luggage, Meet and Greet, Flight WiFi, In-Flight Entertainment, Delayed Flights, Business Class, Economy Class.


Destination of Maldivian Airlines

The airline operates in 23 destinations in 5 countries in Asia. There are 23 aircraft in their fleet. The airlines are planning to increase their international destination airlines. They are buying new aircraft to expand their service as they prepare to grow. According to their expansion plans, they plan to extend more routes in Asia and Europe.


Classes of Maldivian Airlines

Economy Class: You will get a pillow, blanket, breakfast/lunch/dinner, tea/coffee, headphones, TV with various channels, and music.

Business Class: You will get a pillow, blanket, breakfast/lunch/dinner, snacks with tea/coffee, TV with various channels and music, headphones. Business-class travelers get free oasis and das man lounge service.

1st Class: You will get a pillow, blanket, flat-lie seats, ensuring privacy, snacks with tea/coffee, Magazines, TV with various channels and music, breakfast/lunch/dinner, free WiFi, headphones. Free access to the Oasis and Dasman lounges and get service from there.


Maldivian Airlines Baggage Allowance

Maldivian Airlines Free Checked Baggage / Excess Baggage Rate

Destination Free Baggage Allowance Excess Rate
Hanimaadhoo 20 kg MVR 12.00
Dharavandhoo 20 kg MVR 7.00
Kadhdhoo 20 kg MVR 12.00
Thimarafushi 20 kg MVR 12.00
If 20 kg MVR 10.00
Kooddoo 20 kg MVR 16.00
Kaadedhdhoo 20 kg MVR 16.00
Gan 20 kg MVR 20.00
Fuvahmulah 20 kg MVR 19.00
Trivandrum 20 kg USD 2.20
Chennai 30 kg USD 4.50
Dhaka 30 kg USD 10.00

Maldivian Airlines’ luggage allowance policies vary on international flights, depending on the destination and the aircraft being operated. Generally, economy class travelers are given 30 kg, and business class passengers are given a 40 kg free baggage allowance.


About Maldivian Airlines

It was founded in 2000. It operates international flights additionally to inter-island service. Its main base is Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. The airline operates scheduled services to 23 destinations from Male to Bangladesh, India, China, Maldives, and Thailand.


Explore the Maldives

Cruise boats are a great way to explore this beautiful archipelago, the Maldives Islands’ unique geography. More than a hundred cruise boats in the Maldives (called “live boards” and “safari boats”) mean there are more live boards now than resorts in the Maldives! They vary enormously in size, amenities, and services, ranging from modest boats to exclusive high-end luxury with spa services.

These cruise boats can take you to some of the world-renowned dive sites, as well as fishing trips, and travel to populated islands to give you a glimpse of local life. Some specialize in diving, and others specialize in surfing, while some live boards allow guests to lift their legs and enjoy doing nothing!

If diving is your passion, one of the best ways to get the most out of the Maldives is by booking a specialist diving boat, if you are lucky enough to see large pelagic ones like mantas and whale sharks. You can expect to offer up to three to four dives per day during the cruise, which usually lasts a week or two. On-board chefs serve your food while guests have a private cabin with an en-suite bathroom. Divers are generally to bring their equipment, but most diving life boards can provide a few extra pieces, such as weights or safety sausages – best to verify with the operator. These ships are employed by highly experienced professionals who know the waters of the Maldives as their handheld. The appropriate route is usually decided based on the tide and weather conditions, but a general itinerary is generally available in advance. Air and Nitrox are provided on the board, and many diving live boards offer PADI courses.

The surfing season (May-October) runs during the diving season at the opposite time of the year, though surf may also be flat during the rest of the year. Many diving life boards, double as surfing live boards, give surfers the chance to sample world-class breaks around the Maldives. Rather like a diving safari, ride the board directly around the Atlas for the passenger ride. They can take surfers to some of the Maldive’s famous surf breaks as well as two little acquaintances in remote locations where you can enjoy the full holiday for yourself. All of the surf breaks in the Maldives are best suited for coral breaks and advanced surfers.

If lying down and moving around the world is your thing, then some ‘live boards’ are just perfect for cruising.’ They will take in some of the most beautiful islands and dunes in the Maldives, sometimes stopping at a resort for an afternoon or evening. Fishing equipment is usually provided on board. For those who genuinely want a taste of Maldive’s life, guests can reside in the capital city or on a ‘residential island’ (an island where the Maldives resident, on a private opposite resort island).



Scuba Diving Maldives

The Maldives has a reputation as one of the world’s best diving destinations – and for a good reason. The sublime beauty of the Maldives underwater world has been acclaimed by the world for various spectacular visibility (sometimes 50 meters), crowding of exotic marine animals and plants, and the water’s warm temperatures (around 29 degrees Celsius). Some of the most exciting creatures include manta rays, whale sharks, and reef sharks. These Pelagic sights are never guaranteed, but the Maldives is the only place globally with a whale shark population all year round. Giants eating soft plankton are the largest fish in the sea and can be as big as a double-decker bus!

The Maldives has a reputation as one of the world’s best diving destinations – and for a good reason. The sublime beauty of the Maldives underwater world has been acclaimed by the world for various spectacular visibility (sometimes 50 meters), crowding of exotic marine animals and plants, and the water’s warm temperatures (around 29 degrees Celsius). Some of the most exciting creatures include manta rays, whale sharks, and reef sharks. These Pelagic sights are never guaranteed, but the Maldives is the only place globally with a whale shark population all year round. Giants eating soft plankton are the largest fish in the sea and can be as big as a double-decker bus!

Colored coral walls are bursting with marine life to an extent just like anywhere else, with familiar neighbors, including angelfish, surgeonfish, Napoleon brush, parrotfish, and oriental sweetlips. Baby reef sharks often appear on shallow resort lagoons, and more mature reef sharks with white tips and black tips usually appear on drop-offs and channels. Nurse sharks, Silvertips, tiger sharks, and even hammers can be found in the Maldives’ waters. Since the late 1970s, it is noteworthy that no shark attacks have occurred in the Maldives, and most of these injuries are due to the damage of submerged docks. Stay down!

Caves, overhangs, and thistles enhance the fascinating diversity of underground landscapes you can visit in the Maldives, while several famous racks can be submerged. There are also many drift-dives opportunities due to the nature of the often powerful currents in the Maldives.

All resorts and most cruise boats operated in the Maldives have dive centers equipped with experienced multilingual professionals. All resorts offer guests the opportunity to learn to dive and qualify for internationally recognized diving, though the benefits can vary depending on the resort’s size, location, and client. Various types of diving courses are offered, from beginner to experienced PADI qualification.

In terms of equipment, all diving schools offer a limited number of other accessories such as lamps and diving computers and compressors, tanks, BCDs, wetsuits, weight, and weight belts. However, guests are required to go live on the cruise boat.


History of Maldives

Archaeological finds indicate that the Maldives was inhabited as early as 1,500 BC, but much of its origin is lost in time due to a lack of surviving written records. But there are all kinds of fascinating folklore and myths about the history of the Maldives.

Its geographical location is the most critical factor contributing to people’s first permanent settlement in the Maldives. Extensive ruins and other archaeological debris can be found on the islands along the Equatorial Channel and One and half-degree channel borders, testifying that the ancient people stumbled upon this country during their travels. It is believed that permanent settlements were established in around 500 BC by Aryan immigrants from the Indian subcontinent. Many customs, traditional practices, and superstitious beliefs that still prevail in the country also attest to the influence of the Maldives’ early Dravidian culture.

Although probably Buddhists or Hindus from the Maldives who migrated from the Indian subcontinent, the archaeologist Thor Heyerdahl, who carried out extensive archaeological research in the Maldives and has contributed significantly to theories of the origins of the country, stated that some of the figures unearthed from the ancient mounds bore a striking resemblance to the models he had investigated on Easter island in the Pacific Ocean. Many of these theories are still a matter of debate, and in the Maldives, there are many other secrets about its past that have not yet been discovered.

The details of travelers who were closed for supplies and shipwrecks (since the Maldives is on the ancient maritime trade route from west to east) also serve as a helpful guide to this island’s history. Cauvery shells were used as the oldest form of currency among traders traveling through the region, and the Maldives provided the most abundant supply of these shells.

Among the travelers were Chinese historian Ma Huan and the famous Arab traveler Ibnabututa. It is also understood that the Maldivians had made many expeditions to their shores; Pliny, for example, states that ambassadors from the Maldives brought presents to the Roman emperor.

The Maldives was part of the Portuguese Empire for 15 years from 1558 before being raised in a coup. The country was never part of the British Empire, but from 1887 to 1965, it was classified as a Protectorate of Great Britain before it became a republic.


Types of Planes / Aircraft Available with Maldivian Airlines

Total fleet size: 21

  • Airbus A320-100
  • Airbus A321-200
  • Bombardier Dash 8 Q200
  • Bombardier Dash 8 Q300
  • de Havilland Canda DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300

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