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Air Ticket Prices in Bangladesh
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Domestic & International Air Ticket Price in Bangladesh

Air Ticket Price in Bangladesh

The number of air travelers in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Currently, there is a need to know about air ticket price in Bangladesh according to the destination. Generally, Domestic and International flights are currently operating in Bangladesh. For this, a passenger can complete air travel by booking international flights on domestic routes or outside the country.

However, before starting the trip, it is considered that there is a need to have an idea about Domestic & International air ticket price in Bangladesh. Because when travelers can know about the airfare before starting their journey to their intended destination, it becomes a more comfortable journey. Therefore, an expert traveler must know the list of flight fares by airlines before booking the flight.

We will discuss some information related to air ticket booking to make travel easier for all air travelers in Bangladesh. From where passengers can get an idea about the method of booking domestic and international flights and the method of booking cheap air tickets. Apart from this, the means of booking flights from Bangladesh at affordable prices online will be discussed.

What types of Air Tickets can be Booked from Bangladesh?

Passengers can book 2 types of flights to travel from Bangladesh through airlines. It usually depends on the travel needs of the passengers. Below are the types of air tickets that a passenger can book for air travel from Bangladesh.

  • Domestic Air Ticket
  • International Air Ticket

Domestic Air Tickets: Air travelers who book public air tickets to travel to interior destinations in Bangladesh are called domestic air tickets. These are called domestic flights. 4 airlines operate regular flights for some of the popular domestic routes of Bangladesh.

Domestic air ticket prices are usually relatively low in Bangladesh. By booking this type of air ticket, air travel can be completed very easily in the interior routes of the country.

International Air Ticket: International air ticket is required for those who want to travel by air from Bangladesh to other countries of the world. The prices of these air tickets are usually fixed by airlines depending on the destination of travel. International air ticket prices vary depending on Bangladesh. One of the main reasons for this is the demand for tickets from passengers.

So you can complete your trip by knowing about the air ticket fare to any destination from Bangladesh and booking the flight.

How to Check Domestic & International Air Ticket Price in Bangladesh?

In short, checking the air ticket price from Bangladesh is very easy. For this, a passenger has to adopt some procedures. Through any of these methods, they can easily know about the fare of air tickets according to the destination of any airline. Below we will discuss the methods in detail.

  • From the official website of the airline.
  • Contact the travel agency.

Here we will first discuss the method of checking the air ticket price for any destination from Bangladesh through the official website of the airlines.

Through the Official Website of the Airlines

Step 1: First, visit the official website of any airline operating flights to the destination you wish to travel to.

Step 2: Now after entering the website select the flight booking option.

Step 3: Now you have to select “Trip Type”. Here you will see 3 options (one-way, round trip, and multiple cities). Select any as per your travel plan.

Step 4: Now to know about the ticket price of your desired destination, first select the place where you want to start your journey in the “From” box. Here we are selecting Dhaka as an example. Finally, select where you want to go in the “To” option. Here we are selecting Kolkata as an example.

Step 5: Now you have to select the travel date. Passengers who want to know the price of a one-way air ticket just select the Departing Date. Above passengers who want to know about the ticket price of departure and Asha i.e. round trip, they have to select the Depar and Return date.

Step 6: In the next step you have to select the passenger number. Here you will find 3 options Adults, Children, and Infants. You select the number of passengers as per your travel plan.

Step 7: Now you have to select the seat type. The type of seat varies from airline to airline. Generally, there are 3 types of seat types given, economy class, business class, and first class. From now you can select anyone according to your preference.

Step 8: Now click on Search Flight. It will take some time to inform you about flight booking and fare.

Step 9: Once the entire process is complete, you will see the ticket price of all types of airlines by seat type. From now you can book flights online.

Through the Travel Agency

Another great way to check air ticket prices and book flights from Bangladesh is to take the help of a travel agency. There are several reputable travel agencies whom travelers can contact directly for any information regarding air ticket fares and flight bookings for any destination.

For this, you need to find a specialized travel agency first. Then you can know about the ticket price of any airline by calling directly from their official website with Sivontact information. Below we are sharing brief information about goFLY Limited, a well-known travel agency in Bangladesh. From whom you can easily know the price of domestic and international air tickets.

Phone Number09639203090, 01713289170 to 9
Office Address1/1, Shukrabad, Dhaka, 1207, Bangladesh
(Beside New Model Degree College / Opposite Metro Shopping Mall)
Email[email protected]

So you can know about flight air ticket price and flight booking by adopting any of the above discussed 2 methods. We want travelers from Bangladesh to know any information about air tickets more easily and comfortably.

Which Airlines Offer Cheap Air Tickets from Bangladesh?

Within Bangladesh, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, US-Bangla Airlines, Air Astra, and Novoair usually offer relatively cheap flight bookings. Apart from this, the airlines which are known as low-cost airlines provide passengers with the opportunity to book flights from Bangladesh at very low prices. So to get the best flight booking service at an affordable price, you need to select low-cost airlines.

What is the Air Ticket Price in Bangladesh?

Air ticket price in Bangladesh depends on the passenger’s destination and seat type. Air ticket price in Bangladesh are generally determined depending on where a passenger wants to travel from Dhaka, Bangladesh, and through which airlines. However, the price of air tickets on domestic routes starts from a minimum of 3500 taka. Which is often higher depending on the destination. Which you can find directly by searching the website.

Most popular domestic routes from Dhaka

FAQ About Air Ticket Price in Bangladesh

Can I know the ticket price of any airlines from Bangladesh?

Yes, you can find full information on airlines to any destination from Bangladesh.

Do airlines change the price of tickets?

Yes, airline companies regularly change the price of air tickets for various reasons.

Is air travel from Bangladesh safe?

Yes, air travel from Bangladesh is a completely safe mode. You can safely start traveling with your airlines to any destination.

Are there international flights from Bangladesh?

Yes, there are international flights from Bangladesh to any part of the country.

Is it possible to book air tickets online?

Yes, passengers can easily book air tickets online in Bangladesh. It is a completely safe and easy way to book air tickets at home.

Domestic & International Air Ticket Price