Air Astra Dhaka Office Address, Contact Number, Ticket Booking

Air Astra Dhaka Office

Air Astra Dhaka Office

Read on to know about Air Astra Dhaka office address, contact number, and ticket booking. Air Astra is the newly added airline in the airline companies of Bangladesh. They are initially operating flights with the aim of providing Bangladeshi passengers with the main travel service on the interior roads of the country. So if you are planning to travel with Air Astra Airlines on a domestic route then the following information will be very useful for you.

Because for Air Astra flight booking, their office needs all kinds of services. So today we will discuss Air Astra Dhaka office address, contact number, and ticket booking with various necessary information. Things a traveler needs to know before traveling with these airlines. With this, you will know more about Air Astra’s ticket booking procedure from Bangladesh. So let’s get started.

Contacts for Buying Air Astra Air Tickets


Note: We only sell Air Astra tickets. This website has no affiliation with Air Astra Airways.

Air Astra Dhaka Office Phone Number and Address

Air Astra, emerging as a new airline in Bangladesh, has relocated its office in Dhaka city to ensure round-the-clock travel services for its passengers. Passengers of Air Astra airlines can subscribe to seamless travel services. However, most common passengers do not know the correct information about the Air Astra office address, and contact number.

As a result, they cannot access the air services and information required to travel properly. Therefore, by informing you of the correct information, detailed information about Air Astra’s currently located office is shared below.

Air Astra Dhaka Office Address

Siaam Tower, Level-6,
Plot # 15, Dhaka-Mymensingh Road,
Sector # 3, Uttara,
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Air Astra Dhaka Office Contact Number


Air Astra Dhaka Office E-Mail Address

Mail: [email protected]

Air Astra Official Website:

About Air Astra Airlines

Air Astra Limited is now added to the list of Bangladesh’s own airlines as a private airline company. After a long wait, they have confirmed passenger transport services on air routes in Bangladesh by ending various complications. Tara will operate their maiden flight with ATR72-600 aircraft. They are currently elected as a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). As a result, their IATA code is 2A.

Air Astra Airlines has announced that it will start its flights from Shall in 2022. Initially, Tara said that it will provide passenger transport services in the interior routes and airports of Bangladesh. However, its continuity will gradually shift towards international flights. Air Astra’s official slogan is “Catch the Star”.

Tara has already taken various steps to ensure passengers an alternative air travel service. The airport selected as the main hub of air weapons is Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport of Bangladesh. However, they have selected the airports of Chittagong and Sylhet to park all their airlines. However, passengers can travel from Dhaka International Airport to any airport in the country through Air Astra.

Which Routes will Air Astra Airlines Operate Flight?

Air Astra Airlines will operate flights on intra-continental routes in Bangladesh, according to Air Astra’s authorities. So this is very happy news for those traveling on domestic routes based in Bangladesh. Below is a list of the routes that Air Astra Airlines will operate in Bangladesh.

Air Astra will operate regular flights on these routes. So if you want to travel on any of these then definitely collect the ticket from Air Astra Dhaka office by calling the number given above.

How to Book Air Astra Airlines Flight?

There are 3 methods you can follow to book Air Arms Airlines flights from Bangladesh. These methods are explained below.

  • Visit website if you want to book your air ticket manually through a specialized website. Through this website, you can book tickets online using your phone or computer. For this, you don’t need to waste extra time on booking flights with difficulty.
  • If you want to book your Air Astra Airlines tickets through a reputed travel agency in Bangladesh then call the numbers below. We have been successfully providing all types of travel-related services in Bangladesh for a long time. So contact us for any information or flight booking related to Air Astra Airlines.

Contacts for Buying Air Astra Air Tickets


Note: We only sell Air Astra tickets. This website has no affiliation with Air Astra Airways.

  • And if you want to book tickets directly from the office of Air Astra Airlines located in Dhaka, then contact the above address. From their office, you can get all the information related to Air Astra flights.

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You have got to know all the information related to Air Astra Dhaka office address, contact number, and ticket booking. But if you want to know any more details then contact us directly. Stay with us all the time to take any service for travel.

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